1999 Harley Davidson XL883 Sportster – Twin Power clutch replacement for EBC SRK (New SRK complete kits include aramid fiber lined friction plates, steel separator plates and springs) clutch. – New primary chain adjuster replacement.

Amongst various currently used fibers in FMs, aramid pulp/fibers (AF) have attracted much attention since these show good filler retention and also act as processing aid providing sufficient green strength for a pre-form apart from friction stabilization capability and wear resistance
“Options: I could have gone for the barrett clutch kit or the EBC. Both mention “kevlar plated” but I read reviews for the barrett and I never found a single good review. I read a few reviews on the EBC, most from track day riders who mentioned how they didnt like slipper clutches so they went the EBC way.

Summary: Cost me $190 shipped to my door. Included absolutely everything I needed (No gasket but as long as you are careful you are ok). Took me roughly 35 minutes to install. I took it out for a ride today and it feels better than when I took it home from the dealership….The whole clutch is just so snappy, an occational shift into 2nd then clutch up to balance point hasnt been easier. Also the shift from 1 to 2 is much smoother.” – sportbikes.net
EBC Clutch oil soak
Chain adjuster
Original factory chain adjuster failure.